Panthera Group – First Scaffolding Alarms Provider to Comply with NCP 115

Panthera Group is the first UK organisation to comply with a new NSI Code of Practice for the design, installation and maintenance of scaffolding alarm systems (NCP 115). Panthera Group have been awarded NACOSS Gold approval under NSI’s new scope of approval for scaffolding alarm systems.

NCP 115, developed by NSI, and introduced in January this year, provides an industry benchmark to which scaffold alarm systems providers can now aspire and adhere to. The scaffold alarms sector was without any form of voluntary regulation or industry-specific standards prior to the introduction of the new NSI Code leaving the way clear for poor standards of workmanship and malpractice.

Working with NSI over many months during the pilot phase, Panthera Group laid bare its practices and procedures to NSI by being rigorously audited, enabling the new Code of Practice to be robustly tried, tested and refined.

NSI Chief Executive, Jeff Little, OBE, commented “The introduction of NCP 115 has enormous ramifications particularly for the Security, Construction, Insurance and Health & Safety sectors.  The UK now has an industry-specific benchmark which may be specified by those with a vested interest in the security and safety of properties. The specification of NCP 115 will undoubtedly help to mitigate risk during periods of vulnerability when work on a property is being carried out and scaffolding is present.

Little goes on to say “I applaud Panthera Group for leading the way in this niche security sector. Their NACOSS Gold approval with NSI is very well deserved and I wish them every success in their future.”

Neal James, Managing Director of Panthera Group commented “The new NCP 115 Code of Practice should at last provide a much needed industry benchmark, raise installation standards and hopefully eliminate some serious malpractice.”

James continued “My company and I have been so impressed with the entire NSI approval process, it has confirmed our decision to approach NSI.  Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and a passion for development and progression of their own organisation, these have all been key components to a very robust, but ultimately rewarding process of becoming a NACOSS Gold approved company.”

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For specification and tender enquiries contact Chris Pinder, NSI External Affairs Director at

For NSI approval enquiries contact the NSI Sales team at

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