In the Republic of Ireland NSI operates as CerticCS. It is mandatory for certain service providers (both companies & individuals) to be licensed by the Private Security Authority (PSA), these include:

Intruder alarms

Installation and maintenance


Installation and maintenance

Access control

Installation and maintenance

Alarm and CCTV monitoring centres

The Private Security Services Act 2004 requires that all security companies have a Private Security Contractors Licence issued by the PSA.  The PSA require proof that companies meet the appropriate Irish and European standards. This proof is demonstrated by being approved through an accredited certification body such as CerticCS. CerticCS approved companies meet these requirements and demonstrate this on an ongoing basis by undergoing regular rigorous audit by expert auditors.

Choosing an NSI CerticCS approved company

You can rest assured a CerticCS company is trusted, professional and technically competent in understanding your home's security needs. NSI CerticCS approved companies are qualified to design, install and maintain alarms to professional industry standards - including EN 50131.

A CerticCS company will issue you with a Certificate of Compliance and apply for alarm monitoring, Gardai or keyholding response on your behalf according to your needs.

Properties with a clearly visible professionally installed alarm make intruders think twice, whether they are signalling to a 24/7 monitoring service or simply sounding an audible alarm.

For security systems, once a CerticCS installer has been licensed the company’s details are passed to the Gardai who in turn will set up a system for responding to alarm activations from monitored installations put in place by the CerticCS approved installer.

Alarm and CCTV Monitoring Centre

Alarm and CCTV Monitoring Centres

A  sophisticated 24/7 remotely monitored alarm provides the highest level of security for your home at all times. An audible warning device ('bells only') simply sounds, relying on anyone in earshot to take appropriate action.

Alarm monitoring services arranged by your CerticCS approved company are often NSI approved, and meet stringent security and business continuity requirements, ensuring resilient comprehensive 24/7 monitoring of your home.

Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) and Remote Video Response Centres (RVRCs) can verify any alarm signals, filtering out identifiable false alarms, and notify accordingly the Police, an appointed keyholder and/or the householder. At the time of installation your installer will demonstrate the use of the system, including avoiding false alarms.

Further guidance regarding PSA Standards can be found on the PSA website.


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