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Assessing your risk

Fit for purpose security systems including CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarm systems are designed and installed following on from a comprehensive risk and needs analysis of a workplace.   

NSI approved companies will always conduct a security risk assessment of the environment and/or premises concerned and document the results.

The risk assessment identifies:

  • security risks and target areas of access to your property
  • methods and routes of entry and escape
  • past break-in history

A risk assessment is particularly important when your insurance cover is dependent on your property being protected by an intruder alarm. In this case, your installer can liaise with the insurer to see if they have any particular requirements in respect of grading and design.

What does the risk assessment involve?

The risk assessment simply identifies what needs protecting and how best to do this in your property's unique situation. Ideally the installer will need to know:

  • which areas contain valuables and/or safes 
  • points of entry
  • ease of access
  • environmental factors that will affect the operation of your system

Remember, the installer can only specify adequate protection according to known risks.   


Certificate of Compliance

Your approved installer will provide you with an NSI Certificate of Compliance once your installation is complete and commissioned. This confirms your new system meets the appropriate standards. It may be required by your insurance company as proof your premises are suitably protected or as a condition of insurance, or where an insurance premium discount is available.


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NSI Gold and Silver Medals - Signifying a companies approval with NSI

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Technically Competent

Working to International and British Standards and NSI Codes of Practice, teams have relevant technical experience


Gold approval - operating a Quality Management System to ISO 9001 and NSI Quality Schedules


Reputable Directors & leaders with relevant business experience and effective employee security screening

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