NSI’s GDPR eLearning course shortlisted for Nimble Awards 2018

NSI is thrilled to announce its GDPR eLearning course has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Nimble Awards 2018, in the category of Positive Business Impact.

The award is presented annually to the organisation/individual demonstrating significant business impact through the use of eLearning.

Launched in April exclusively for NSI approved companies, the course enables organisations to familiarise themselves with the GDPR essentials and aims to assist in staff awareness and GDPR training, using Nimble eLearning as the platform.

To date, over 1,300 representatives amongst NSI’s approved companies have completed the eLearning course, providing extremely positive feedback.

If you have already completed this course and have not yet provided your feedback on:

  • Its relevance in building GDPR awareness
  • Its suitability for employee GDPR training
  • Subject matter suggestions for future NSI eLearning courses

Please contact NSI’s Quality Manager, Laura Welford, at laura.welford@nsi.org.uk who would welcome your comments.

If you are an NSI approved company and the course is of interest, please visit: https://www.nsi.org.uk/2018/04/nsi-launches-gdpr-elearning-course-for-nsi-approved-companies/

Further information is available in the Circular Letter section of the Company Login area.

To enrol yourself and any additional learners please contact NSI’s Training Executive, Maxine Dent on 01628 764831,

NSI would like to thank those judging the Nimble Awards 2018 and to congratulate all those who have also been shortlisted. We look forward to the winners being announced on Thursday 13th September 2018.

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