NSI calls for comment on new draft code of practice for provision of labour in the security & events sector (NCP119)

The intent of the new Code is to raise standards of service provision and social responsibility in the use of labour resources by addressing the resilience of the supply chain in delivering bona fide labour at the point of service delivery. Adherence to the new Code would ensure integrity is maintained in meeting statutory and regulatory requirements, in turn minimising risk to the safety and security of the public, the integrity of the supply chain, and worker exploitation.

Richard Jenkins, NSI Chief Executive said: “We welcome comment on this draft Code of Practice to which approval would give buyers clear assurance the security personnel deployed on their sites have been sourced from the contractor’s own staff and from approved labour providers who hold themselves up to the independent scrutiny of NSI approval, demonstrate their commitment to the reduction of security risks of ‘rogue labour’ and ensure the adoption of best practice across a range of criteria such as right to work, employment status, training and minimum pay.”

It is envisaged the Code could be issued in 2020 with a grace period of 12 months for NSI Guarding Gold and Silver Approved Companies to specify this Code in their procurement processes, and for labour providers to obtain their certificate of approval.

NSI Guarding Gold and Silver approved companies wishing to review the draft and submit comment prior to the consultation end date of 31st October should contact Margaret Durr, Head of Field Operations (Services) – Margaret.Durr@nsi.org.uk NSI will carefully review all responses, consider next steps and keep all respondents informed of progress.

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