Latest Perpetuity Research Released

Perpetuity Group have released their latest research; looking at the benefits and drawbacks of providing security as a ‘single service’ or as part of a ‘bundle’ alongside other facilities management services.

This research was based on telephone and face to face interviews with suppliers and procurers of security services.

Professor Martin Gill who led the study commented, “The jury is still out on whether the popularity of bundling in some places is a sign of new and better ways of working or a cyclical change brought about because in current times cost is often a priority over risk. There were strong supporters of some of the benefits of single service and some of bundling although not always on a strong evidence base. What this study has shown is that many organisations have an incomplete understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of providing security in different ways”.

Download a free copy of the full report here or email for more details. You can also contact Perpetuity Research on 0116 222 5553.

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