ISO 9001:2015 Just Published!

The latest edition – BS EN ISO 9001:2015 has been developed to bring it in line with changing business trends and the needs of buyers of products and services.

NSI’s Gold approved companies, providing security services for buyers in the UK commercial and domestic markets, all operate an ISO 9001 management system, which along with product certification, provides unparalleled reassurance and confidence for buyers.

The ISO 9001:2015 edition readily integrates with other management systems organisations may also be operating.  For example, organisations are frequently being asked to substantiate environmental credentials and are adopting Environmental Management System BS 14001. A revised version of BS 14001 has also just been published and as an accredited certification body, NSI already audits a growing number of NSI Gold approved companies against both Standards.

NSI is encouraging its NSI Gold approved companies to plan ahead and prepare to make the transition to the revised ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Standards within two years – by September 2017, twelve months ahead of the official three year deadline.  This is a realistic timescale for NSI  approved companies, considering their experience, with some already well on the way to making the relatively straightforward transition.

To provide assistance, NSI’s popular ISO 9001 ‘Transition’ seminars, tailor-made with a sector-specific context, are helping companies understand better what, if any, additional assistance they will need to make the transition.

Both Standards will be available to NSI approved companies via our online Standards subscription service or directly through NSI in early October.

Here to Help NSI Approved Companies – ISO 9001 ‘Transition’ Seminars

NSI approved companies should start their transition preparation as soon as possible.  Those interested in attending an ISO 9001 ‘Transition’ seminar, should contact: Maxine Dent, Training Executive, on T: 01628 764831 E: for further information and availability.

A more detailed update will be provided for our NSI Gold approved companies, directly, in the near future.

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