PSTN Switch Off: Important Industry Survey Request

British Security Industry AssociationThe British Security Industry Association (BSIA) are inviting professional security installers and Alarm Receiving Centres to take part in an industry survey regarding the switch off of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). 

Openreach have started to withdraw the old analogue copper based PSTN network and replace this with a fully digital network for businesses and homes across the UK and the transition is due to be completed by the end of 2025.  By then, every phone line in the UK will be digital, routing calls over IP (Internet Protocol) instead of the traditional PSTN.  The switch over may affect some alarm systems currently connected to the PSTN, but installers will advise their clients if any action or upgrade is required.

The objective of the survey is to gain a picture of the current state of migrations off the PTSN network and to understand the challenges those within the industry might be facing.

The survey takes less than a couple of minutes to complete and responses are being collated by the BSIA technical team, anonymised and used solely as an industry wide report.

The survey forms part of a campaign by the BSIA to generate awareness of the PSTN switch off amongst its members, wider industry stakeholders and those organisations that influence change in the telecommunications sector.

The deadline for responses is 15 September 2023.

NSI approved companies are encouraged to take part in this survey.

Access the PSTN Switch Off Survey