Detector-Activated CCTV Alarms Versus Conventional Systems

Facilities Management UK Logo - Detector Activated CCTV Systems (BS 8414) ArticleNSI’s Director Matthew Holliday explains the advantages of detector-activated surveillance alarm systems with police response and their operational benefits versus conventional building alarm monitoring systems.

Until recently, facilities managers have largely been unable to take advantage of detector-activated CCTV with police response however significant revisions to the 2021 version of BS 8418, covering the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of detector-activated video surveillance systems (VSS) are moving visual confirmation to the fore.

The latest revision focuses on the linking of video surveillance and remote monitoring, enabling operators to quickly and easily check the alarm activation is a genuine breach and pass on the incident to the Police for immediate response.

Read the full article in the December edition of Facilities Management UK.