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NSI has been providing approval in the fire detection and alarm systems sector since 2001, including the widely recognised BAFE SP203 scheme and is the leading third party certification body operating in this field.

NSI approved companies installing fire detection systems invite NSI to inspect their design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems, fixed gaseous fire suppression systems and their maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.  In addition, we offer certification for the Monitoring of Fire Alarms under our ARC Gold scheme.

Kitchen Fire Protection Systems – SP206

NSI is the first Certification Body in the UK to assess and verify competency of contractors who install and maintain kitchen fire protection systems to BAFE Scheme SP206.

This new fire-safety scheme covers the Design, Installation, Commissioning, Recharge and Maintenance of these specialist fire protection systems.

SP206 BAFE Scheme document

Find out more about this new approval scheme.

Competency of Portable Fire Extinguisher Organisations and Technicians – SP101

This Scheme enables fire extinguisher maintenance requirements to be easily met in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.  Appointing an approved service provider ensures service personnel have proven competency in fire extinguisher service and maintenance.

NSI approved companies meet all the requirements as set out in the BAFE SP101 Scheme document.  ISO 9001 is a requirement of the BAFE SP101 scheme. Additional requirements that are met when using an NSI approved company are:

  • Fire Extinguishers are manufactured to BS EN 3
  • Siting and servicing is undertaken to Codes of Practice BS 5306 part 8 and BS 5306 Part 3

Emergency Lighting – SP203-4

The BAFE SP 203-4 Emergency Lighting Scheme enables providers of emergency lighting systems to be independently certificated in recognition of their competence in this area.

The certificates of compliance issued by these providers on completion of works give the client, insurance companies and the regulating authorities confidence that work has been correctly undertaken.  NSI has been accredited to deliver this BAFE Scheme since February 2013.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems – SP203.

NSI approves the majority of SP203 approved providers in the UK. The modular scheme was written and developed by stakeholders from all quarters of the industry, chaired by an international fire risk professional and was officially launched by BAFE in July 2002.

The SP203 Scheme provides a means by which fire protection system users and regulatory authorities can be confident that the companies providing fire alarm systems, have processes in place to effectively undertake such activities within their defined scope of work. The Scheme document specifies conditions to be met by certificated providers, including the requirement that where a company has additional operational offices, each office must meet the standards of SP203-1 to be eligible for certification and is separately listed.

Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems – SP203-3

This BAFE Scheme was developed for those providers involved with the design and/or installation and/or commissioning/handover and/or maintenance of fixed gaseous fire suppression systems.

This Scheme has four modules and is very well suited to providers specialising in some or all of the activities covered by the Scheme. This modular approach is representative of the process by which systems are designed, installed, commissioned, handed over and subsequently maintained by third party certificated providers.

Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment – SP205

NSI auditors are fully qualified to undertake the inspection of Fire Risk Assessors against the BAFE SP205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Scheme (launched in 2012).  The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 covers non-domestic premises and demands that the ‘responsible person’ undertake a fire safety risk assessment and thereafter implements and maintains a fire management plan.  Often, it is advisable to engage the services of a fire safety specialist or consultant to conduct such an assessment, approved by NSI. More information

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NSI Certification The Gold Standard

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