NSI supports new guidance to help prevent false Hold-Up Alarms

Professional installers help to reduce the number of false alarms by rigorously following these guidelines as they go about their routine installation and maintenance activities.

The impact in saving Police time is invaluable, and demonstrates the effectiveness of installers in their work and in explaining best practice to premises managers and staff.

The simple guidance is aimed at installers and recommends:

  • Taking HUA Systems out of service before work starts and remember to return them to full service when work has been completed
  • Reminding users of the proper use of HUAs as advised by the Police – for use during an attack or threat of an attack involving persons at premises protected by the HUA. A brawl outside the premises or petty theft is not proper use.
  • The repositioning of HUAs vulnerable to damage following changes to internal layout of premises.
  • Ensuring HUA fixings and covers are secure during service visits and remind the users to report minor damage.
  • Reminding users/premises managers of their duty to inform contractors working in the premises that HUAs are installed and active.
  • Discussing correct use of HUAs with all employees who have direct contact with customers.

Richard Jenkins, NSI’s Chief Executive commented: “Police response alarms play a vital role in contributing to public safety and professional installers are key in the effectiveness of the protection HUAs provide.

“The useful tips in this guidance note are a reminder of best practice that every installer can benefit from. It’s a quick and simple recommended read.”

Download the ‘Preventing False Hold-Up Alarms’ guide.


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