NSI helps forge new Industry agreement on Intruder & Hold-up Alarm Systems

NSI provided input as a key industry stakeholder to the interim update, alongside the trade associations, SSAIB, Police and insurers.  The main focus of the update was to align PD 6662 with other Standards and to take into account the increasing use of mobile devices by users to operate their intruder and hold-up systems, which the current Standards do not fully address in today’s environment.

Tony Weeks, Head of Technical Services at NSI, commented:

The NSI has played a strong part in the development of the industry agreement on PD 6662 and we are pleased with the co-operative way the industry organisations have worked together to create the final document.

“An important part of the agreement is to facilitate the use of mobile devices, such as smart phones, to operate intruder and hold-up alarm systems.  Whilst we have a degree of reservation about false alarms, in tune with other organisations we feel it is important to enable use of new technology and to encourage users to have systems on police response.

“There will be a fuller review of PD 6662 via the British Standards Institution (BSI), which will incorporate the industry agreement and introduce more changes in line with developments to European Standards including the EN 50131 series for intruder and hold-up alarm systems and the EN 50136 series for alarm transmission systems.”

The full revision of PD 6662 is expected to take place within the next year or so.  NSI has already sent more detailed information to approved companies, which can also be found in the Company Login area of this website.

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