NSI approved companies advised about the future of NSI Certificates of Compliance

NSI issued Circular Letter 002/16 on 4 February 2016 advising its security and fire installers that paper NSI Certificates of Compliance will be withdrawn later this year.   Electronic Certificates of Compliance are now the preferred option for NSI approved companies, with over 80% of NSI Certificates of Compliance now issued in this format.

NSI Certificates of Compliance for electronic security and fire safety systems are issued to customers of NSI approved companies on completion of an installation of a security system and/or the relevant module of a fire system. NSI Certificates of Compliance provide evidence to the property owner, or responsible person, that the NSI approved company has installed the security or fire system to specific industry standards and codes of practice.

NSI approved companies are advised to access the Company Login area of this website and their relevant Circular Letters pages to find out more.

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