National Police Chiefs’ Council Policy on Police Response

The NPCC is in the process of issuing a new policy on police response entitled “Police Requirements & Response to Security Systems” and the new NPCC policy is superseding the April 2014 ACPO Policy.

Based on the draft we have seen, the NPCC policy remains substantially the same as the previous ACPO policy and there are no changes to the URN fees.  However changes to the policy are understood to include the following:

The chief officer of police must be notified within 28 days of all variations to company details including change of inspectorate or change of maintaining company.

Electronic transfer of intruder and hold up alarm activations will be mandatory with effect from 1 April 2020. This relates to an industry project whereby Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) transfer intruder and hold up alarm activations electronically to police control rooms rather than by telephone voice communication.

Some additional information will be in Appendix C regarding the conviction check process.

The following additional advice will be given in Appendix H with regard to police advice to members of the public:

  • Avoid long term monitoring contracts
  • Terms which transfer inappropriate risks to consumers may be unfair and one kind of risk that should not be unfairly imposed on the consumer is that of the supplier’s own insolvency.  This may occur where the purchase price of goods or services, or a large part of it, is demanded substantially earlier than is needed to cover the supplier’s costs.  Such a prepayment assists the cash flow of the supplier, but is liable to be lost to the consumer if the business is wound up before completion of the contract

The new NPCC policy should be available soon from the Secured By Design website.  Please refer to this website for further details and please note the new URN application forms are available to use already.

We will provide further information about the changes directly to NSI approved companies as soon as possible.


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