Innovative Research Call (IRC) 2013 – Detection of Explosives & Weapons

The Home Office, Department for Transport, Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, Dstl CT S&T centre, Metropolitan Police Service and the US Department of Homeland Security are inviting companies and academic institutions to submit proposals for innovative solutions in the field of explosives and weapons detection. £3 million worth of funding is available with £950,000 for all Phase 1 contracts.

The emphasis of IRC 2013 is on:

  • R & D of new technologies, processes and methods;
  • Application of technologies from other areas.

The overarching aim is to develop detection technologies and methods that provide good, reliable capability against a significant proportion of current explosives and weapons threats. Such solutions should have applicability to a range of operational contexts and also have the potential to tackle new threats as they emerge.

IRC 2013 will be seeking research proposals that address the screening of the following (not in order of preference):

Challenge 1 – Bags;
Challenge 2 – Cargo;
Challenge 3 – People;
Challenge 4 – Vehicles;
Challenge 5 – Buildings and areas.

The competition will open on Monday 7th October 2013.

A bidders’ conference will be held on Tuesday 15th October 2013 in central London.

More details on the challenge, and instructions for registering a place at the bidders conference, are listed on the Technology Strategy Board website 

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