Twitter Q&A Session for Scaffolding Alarm Systems

Earlier this week NSI held its first interactive Question and Answer session via Twitter: The session gave an insight to our Scaffolding Alarm Systems scheme.

As the only Code of Practice for the Scaffold alarms sector, The NSI Code of Practice is leading the way, providing an industry benchmark to which companies can operate.

The Twitter Q&A gave us the opportunity to answer questions regarding the Scaffolding Alarm Systems scheme and interact with our customers, below is a transcription of all questions and answers given on the day.

If you would like any further information on the scheme please contact our applications team on Campaign 01628 764 838.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the session.

Q1: What is the Scaffolding Alarm scheme (SAS)?

A1: Aimed at companies installing scaffolding alarm systems; we’ve produced NCP115 as an industry benchmark, mitigating risk for all parties

Q2: How will this benefit my business?

A2: Benefits will be far reaching including; level playing field, professionalisation and standardisation of industry, platform for growth.

Q3: What costs are involved?

A3: Depending on the level of your business costs will vary, please contact Sean directly –, 01628 764 838, @SeanNSI

Q4: Who wrote the code?

A4: The code was produced by NSI with input from the industry, all feedback is welcome.

Q5: Is the code being specified?

A5:  Really positive feedback from insurers and specifiers, we’re constantly talking to stakeholders to ensure they’re aware of the benefits

Q6: Does my company have to be NSI approved already?

A6: No, you don’t need to be NSI approved already – but it can also be an extension of scope, call Sean to discuss your options.

Q7: Will I have to change the way I’m working?

A7: You’ll need to have proper procedures in place as well as demonstrating installing competence, refer to NCP115 for more info

Q8: What buildings does the scheme code cover?

A8: NCP115 covers all scaffolding alarm systems, no matter if the property is domestic or commercial, vacant or occupied.

Q9: What’s involved with the audit?

A9: NSI will look at your companies procedures as well as visiting several sites of installations, competence in all areas is important.

Q10: Will NSI support my business?

A10: As an NSI certified company will be published in our NSI directory, listed upon our website, receive technical support from NSI & more

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