Surveillance Camera Commissioner – Self Assessment Tool Launched

The self assessment tool, launched in November 2014, will help organisations show what they are already doing to comply with the code as well as what may need to be done in the future.  The tool has also been tested thoroughly with CCTV camera operators and managers.

At the launch, Tony Porter stated:

“Today is a landmark moment in my tenure as Surveillance Camera Commissioner.  The self assessment tool is easy to use and will really help organisations who use CCTV see where they are meeting the 12 guiding principles or where they may need to do a little more”.

Tony Weeks, NSI’s Head of Technical Services comments:

“NSI has been working closely with the office of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner to help develop the new self assessment tool.  Organisations who have cameras installed on their premises will find the assessment tool helpful in gauging their compliance with the Surveillance Camera code of practice”.

For further information contact Mick Kelly at the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Office:

E: T: 0207 035 8516

Access the self assessment tool here 


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