Provision of Labour in the Security and Events Sectors – Professional Security Magazine Article

In the May 2020 issue of Professional Security magazine, Margaret Durr, NSI’s Head of Field Operations (Services), explains why NSI has taken the initiative of introducing a new Code of Practice (NCP 119) for the ‘Provision of Labour in the Security and Events Sectors’ to address the risks associated with ‘weak links’ in supply chains of providers of guarding services who may, from time to time, need to call upon additional outsourced labour.

NSI is calling upon labour providers to sign up to the Code to demonstrate their commitment to best practice.  The Code’s requirements include measures relating to best practice in terms of organisational structure, finances, employee terms and conditions, right to work checks, training, record keeping, confidentiality and insurances.

From December 2021, it will be mandatory for NSI Guarding Gold and Silver approved companies to only use outsourced labour where the employer organisation has signed up to the Code, ensuring their supply chains will be more robust in protecting NSI approved companies, their clients and the general public.

Read the article here (pages 58-59).




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