NSI Invites Comment on New Draft Labour Provision Code of Practice

Further to recent feedback and evidence of poor practices potentially compromising industry credibility, NSI is developing a code of practice for the ‘provision of labour in the security sector’, and is now seeking comment from NSI Guarding Gold and Silver approved companies.

It is envisaged the code could be issued in 2020 with a grace period of 12 months for Guarding Gold and Silver Approved Companies to adopt. In practice the intent is for security companies to require their labour providers to work to the code and gain NSI approval, thus ensuring professional standards and staff welfare are maintained.  This would be demonstrated through regular independent audit authenticated with a Certificate of Approval.

 The procurement of additional labour to support service delivery in the security guarding and events management sectors is common practice and gives companies flexibility to scale operations effectively, and when professionally managed, ensure security is well served.  When not adequately managed there is a risk to the safety and security of the public, the integrity of the supply chain, and for worker exploitation. This can manifest itself in an absence of adequate checks and monitoring of deployed security guard SIA licences, security screening to BS 7858, adherence to Working Time Regulations, the paying of minimum wage and checks on right to work and employment status.

Approval to this Code of Practice by supply chain partners will help ensure security is not compromised and integrity is maintained in meeting statutory and legislative requirements, staff wellbeing and relevant Environmental Social and Governance criteria, reinforcing best practice and assuring buyers who could readily check their security companies’  NSI Gold Certificates of Approval.

Contact Margaret Durr NSI Head of Field Operations (Services) by Friday 27th September 2019, requesting a copy of the draft code. It is anticipated this will be made available on or before 15th October and that comments should be returned within a 2-week window.  All correspondence will be confidential between NSI and the approved company.


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