NSI Adopts a Mandatory Hard Line on Latest Fire Standards for Domestic Premises

Published in April of this year, NSI approved companies have until October 2019 to transition to the revised standard.  NSI has long held that buyers of fire and security systems and services deserve the assurance that NSI approved companies work to best practice standards. With its ‘treat recommendations as mandatory’ stance, buyers can be assured NSI approved companies are committed to taking standards seriously and adapt their operations and policies in line with best practice recommendations in all newly published standards.

With regards to commercial environments, fundamental changes in the new revision address keeping vulnerable people and short-term tenants safer by recognising the importance of professionally maintained fire detection and alarm systems. The latest revision of the standard extends its scope to include supported housing, premises used for self-catering holidays, and homes with a limited number of short-term paying guests. For larger premises in these categories, the recommendations of BS 5839-1 apply.

Only where evidence exists to demonstrate a client accepts and agrees any variation against the recommendations of BS 5839-6:2019 will exceptions be permitted by NSI.

NSI Chief Executive Richard Jenkins said: “The importance of fire protection and detection systems in domestic environments as potential life savers has never been more prevalent in the public consciousness.

“The revisions to this standard being treated by NSI as mandatory, gives the greatest reassurance to customers that NSI approved companies adopt best practice. It enables our auditors to robustly inspect the quality of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance across a broader range of environments against the standard, underlining the competence and professionalism of NSI approved companies in practice.”

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