Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service to introduce New Automatic Fire Alarm Call Challenge Policy

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service have announced that from 1st April 2020 they will require a 999 call from the premises or someone on site confirming a fire situation, in addition to the Alarm Receiving Centre informing their control room of the activation.  Upon receipt of this confirmation they will deploy the relevant resources.  Certain premises such as those with sleeping risks or identified risks will be exempt from this new policy and procedure in Lincolnshire.

The new Policy is in line with guidance set by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) who governs the work of the Fire and Rescue Services in the United Kingdom and has already been implemented by a number of other partner services within the region.

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service state the aim of the new Call Challenge Policy is to reduce the number of unwanted fire signals they attend.

The NFCC website (link below) provides fuller information including a Code of Practice on improving emergency response arrangements for remotely monitored fire alarm and fire detection systems and guidance on how to reduce the number of unwanted fire signals passed to the Fire & Rescue service. The Code of Practice was developed to establish an agreed best practice between the Fire & Rescue Services and representatives from the industry of Fire Alarm Monitoring Organisations. However, it should be noted, responsibility for on-site false alarm reduction provisions are ultimately the responsibility of the designated Responsible Person.

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As an independent specialist certification body licensed by BAFE, NSI recommends end users and the Responsible Person designated to a premises, should always contract the services of fire safety providers who are third party certificated, such as those approved by NSI. This will provide peace of mind that the risk assessment and/or installation/service has been carried out in accordance with relevant BAFE scheme documents and industry standards. Competency is vital and only by contracting a provider who is third party certificated can the Responsible Person have confidence they are complying with their legal obligations to oversee the fire safety within a building.

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