Enhancing Evacuation Preparedness



In the latest edition of International Fire & Safety Journal, NSI’s Approval Schemes Manager, John Davidson reviews recent developments leading to the mandate for evacuation alert systems in all newly constructed high-rise residential buildings in England and Scotland that are 18 metres tall or higher. 

Designed to be employed as a ‘last resort’ measure when the ‘stay put’ strategy no longer applies, evacuation alert systems play a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of Fire & Rescue Services (FRS).  These systems empower the FRS to issue immediate, controlled evacuation orders to flat occupants without the need for physically knocking on doors.

John explains the evolving landscape of evacuation alert systems, the responsibilities of duty holders and the vital role of compliance with the latest standards and regulations. He also emphasises the importance of competent oversight, integrity in system operation and the role of certification in ensuring the highest standards of fire safety in high-rise residential buildings.

Read the full article on pages 58-59 in International Fire & Safety Journal