Comment Piece by Richard Jenkins in the May edition of Facilities Management Journal

In the May edition of FMJ (Facilities Management Journal) Richard Jenkins, NSI Chief Executive, alongside leading FM specialists, comments on the Government’s and other party leaders’ praise of the contribution of low paid workers including security guards, in helping to tackle the Coronavirus and reflects on how FM suppliers will maintain staffing levels in the long term and retain and recruit operational staff.

Richard comments: “The challenge of the COVID-19 crisis will pre-occupy everyone in business, in the private and public sectors, for longer than anyone imagined. Yet, engaging economically inactive adults in a positive way is key to strengthen the social fabric, delivering self-esteem and in reality a potentially great asset for our industry. Building a sustainable labour pool – through a combination of training, valid career paths and sound employment practices – is one which some in the professional security and facilities sector are already leading the way in, even in the midst of crisis, as the economy and society transition to the ‘new normal’.”

Read the full monthly column with Richard’s comment here

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