Updated British Standard For Detector-Activated Surveillance Strengthens Stadium Security

NSI article in Football and Stadium Management magazineIn the December 21/January 22 edition of Football and Stadium Management magazine, NSI’s Matthew Holliday, explains how the newly revised British Standard BS 8418:2021 will help stadium and arena operators to significantly improve venue protection by deploying detector-activated surveillance alarm systems, which can instigate a police response.

Many users of CCTV surveillance have been unable to take advantage of ‘police response’, with relatively few police URNs (Unique Reference Numbers) issued over the past 18 years. Deployment of BS 8418-compliant systems required for police response has been constrained by a number of factors including onerous technical and operational requirements and the relatively high cost of compliant remote video verification equipment.

To keep pace with evolving technology the latest version of  BS 8418 addresses previous drawbacks within the Standard and introduces a number of key changes.

To find out more, read the full article in Football and Stadium Management.