Professional Electrician & Installer – Join the (Third) Party

In the latest edition of Professional Electrician & Installer, NSI CEO Richard Fogelman sheds light on today’s dynamic fire safety landscape highlighting the crucial role of third party approved electricians and installers in safeguarding lives, property and business reputations.  

Multi-occupancy residential buildings in England (i.e. containing two or more flats), as well as commercial premises throughout the UK, must comply with increasingly stringent fire safety measures. ‘Life safety fire risk assessment’ (LSFRA) is legislatively required for almost all these premises and underpins fire safety arrangements.

While building owners, managers and company directors are legally responsible for these measures they are not usually suitably qualified in this specialist area. Third party approved services, such as those certified by NSI, provide independent verification that site-specific procedures and measures align with fire safety standards and regulations, filling a crucial expertise gap. 

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