On Inspection Issue 4

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In the latest edition of Security Matters, Richard Jenkins, NSI CEO, reviews lessons learned by our society during the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights subsequent changes that have taken place within the security sector as users increasingly deploy smarter access control solutions to meet their needs.

The recent release of NSI’s Code of Practice NCP 109 Issue 3 for access control solutions in June 2021 embraces important changes, helping to ensure better suited protective solutions through new technology and methods. The updated Code draws upon the latest BS EN 60839 series and enables IT networks and devices along with cyber security to be included.  The Code of Practice references the Equality Act 2010 as well as BS 7273-4 for fire protection and BS 7671 for electrical installations, ensuring safe and well-designed systems for end-users.

Companies compliance with NCP 109 Issue 3 signifies they are keeping abreast of the latest standards in their sector both in competency and preparedness, addressing customers’ changing needs with the latest technologies and techniques.

Buyers can be assured NSI approved companies who invest in maintaining their third party approvals by committing to rigorous audit programmes are working to the latest standards in the sector.

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