Freight Business Journal – It’s time to get organised against the criminals


In the latest edition of Freight Business Journal, NSI CEO Richard Fogelman sheds light on proactive measures underway throughout the EMEA transported asset supply chain to tackle the risks.

Although largely hidden from public view, cargo theft poses a pressing and escalating issue across the UK. Organised crime groups view supply chains as lucrative targets, leading to increasingly sophisticated attacks.  The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is working to implement best practice solutions to bolster supplier networks and reduce cargo theft. By embracing and adhering to TAPA standards, businesses can experience wide-ranging and significant benefits.

 Read the full article on page 39 in Freight Business Journal 

NSI can provide independent audit for the following TAPA Standards to TAPA members and non-members:

  • Parking Security Requirements (PSR)
  • Trucking Security Requirements (TSR)
  • Facility Security Requirements (FSR)

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