A Collaborative Approach to Cyber Security for Security Systems

Covid-19 has seen risk management policies and procedures rise up the agenda, requiring security managers to review all aspects involved in the protection of staff and an increased emphasis on cyber security.

The need for rigorous IT-based protection – already a pressing concern – is further underlined by the emergence of new online security challenges, leaving individuals and companies vulnerable to cyber attacks with significant personal safety and security implications. Whereas organisations are expected to ensure they have applied cyber security measures to protect their operation e.g. through the application of Cyber Essentials certification or ISO 27001, competency in the installation and maintenance of security systems at client premises is equally important.

NSI has been working to address this issue through the British Security Industry Association’s Cyber Security Product Assurance Group which has produced a range of practical and informative guides.

Find out more in the summer edition of City Security Magazine on how industry is leading the way, as information security continues to evolve and pose new challenges for organisations.