/ Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment – How to Apply

You will find all the information on this page that is required to submit your Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Gold or Silver application to NSI.

All the forms you need to complete can be downloaded. To avoid unnecessary delays, please be ready to meet the scheme requirements when submitting an application.

If you would like more information or to obtain a quote, please contact our Applications Team on 01628 764838.

Please send your application forms and additional documentation by e-mail to : applications@nsi.org.

Our Applications team are here to help you if you have any queries. Please feel free to e-mail or call them on T: 01628 764838 or 01628 764855.

1. Helpful Documentation;

We would advise you to read the following documents before completing your application.


2. BAFE Scheme Documents

3. Application Check List – Documentation to Submit

3.1 Application Form and Annex

Please complete the main application form and relevant Annex.

3.2 Financial Information

For start-up companies:
A two year projected business plan is required to include a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. To help you, click here for a model Projected Business Plan and Notes.

Companies trading between one and two years:
Please provide one year’s statutory accounts and one year’s projected business plan to include Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. To help you, click here for a model Projected Business Plan and Notes.

Companies trading for two years or more:
Sole traders and partnerships should send two years’ statutory accounts to include Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. Limited companies trading for two years or more may be required to provide additional information.

3.3 Personal Data Forms

A Personal Data Form  must be supplied for Directors, Partners, and Shareholders (with 10% or more of the shares).

All Senior Qualifying Managers, Qualifying Managers and Validators must complete a Fire Industry Competence Form

3.4 Quality Systems Documentation – Gold Applicants Only

You should submit your Quality manual, procedures and engineering instructions complying with ISO 9001, BAFE scheme document  and the relevant Quality Schedule:

Additional Information (downloadable pdfs)

3.5 BS 9999:2017 Fire Safety in the Design, Management and Use of Buildings – Code of Practice.

As an approved company of Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment you are recommended to have a copy of this standard.

BS 9999:2017 is the fire safety code of practice for building design, management and use. The standard outlines ways to meet fire safety legislation through a more flexible approach to design. BS 9999:2017 provides a risk-based structure that takes varying human factors into account, including improving emergency exit access for disabled people. The standard can be used in and around existing buildings, at design stage for new buildings or extensions, and also applies to alterations, extensions and changes of use of an existing building. It also provides an assessment tool to ensure fire safety strategy remains robust.

Please note: This British Standard is not available via NSI`s online standards service. To obtain your individual hard copy please contact NSI on 01628 764840.