Wednesday 28 October 2020

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If  your business provides security services, you may wish to consider becoming an NSI approved company. NSI provides the most rigorous inspection services for businesses operating within the security industry, to protect the interests of the public and buyers and procurers of security services.

Our Security Services scheme covers a wide range of areas within the sector and involves compliance with British Standards and NSI Codes of Practice. The scheme areas are detailed below, showing also the relevant British Standards (BS) and NSI Codes of Practice (NCP).

Approval through an NSI scheme proves that you consistently meet the highest standards including the relevant British Standards, reinforcing the reliability of your company. It will also help you promote your business and brand awareness amongst customers and specifiers.  Your company details  will also be included  in NSI’s on-line Directory of approved companies.

Please find information below regarding the range of certifications we can provide for your business.


  • NSI/ACS Passport Specification
  • Static site guarding and mobile patrol services including such services as Maritime and Port Security, Aviation Security and Rail Security Services – BS 7499
  • Keyholding and response services – BS 7984
  • Lone Worker response services – BS 7984-2
  • Door Supervision Services – BS 7960
  • Event stewarding and crowd safety services – BS 8406
  • Security screening of individuals in a security environment – BS 7858
  • Provision of retail security services – BS 7499 and NCP 101
  • Management and operation of closed circuit television (CCTV) schemes – BS 7958
  • Close protection – BS 8507-1 and BS 8507-2
  • Investigative Services – BS 102000
  • Security Dogs – BS 8517-1 and BS 8517-2
  • Customer Service – BS 8477
  • Provision of control room services – NCP 107
  • Low value cash collection services – NCP 117

Cash and Valuables in Transit:

  • NSI/ACS Passport Specification
  • Security screening of individuals in a security environment – BS 7858
  • Secure transportation of cash and valuables including counting and processing, courier services, storage and vaulting, and transportation and distribution including ATM Services – BS 7872

Specialist Services:

  • Lone Worker Device Services – BS 8484
  • Security screening services – BS 7858 and NCP 111
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures – NCP 110
  • Real-time counter eavesdropping detection – NCP 112
  • Provision of labour in the security and events sector – NCP 119

Provision of labour in the security and events sector – New code!

Due to feedback from industry and evidence of poor practices that threaten the credibility of our industry, NSI has developed a code of practice for the provision of labour in the security and events sector (NCP 119).

This new code enhances confidence in the supply chain for buyers by ensuring through audit of labour providers that areas such as screening, training, right to work, payment of minimum wage and working time regulations are adhered to for all personnel supplied.

It is a mandatory requirement (as of 31st December 2021) for all NSI approved companies to only use Labour providers holding NSI approval to this code.

Read our article on NCP 119 and Labour Provision in the May 2020 edition of Professional Security magazine

Labour providers interested in gaining approval should contact the NSI Applications team on 01628 764885 or complete our ENQUIRY FORM

SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) Passport Route

NSI provides two routes to ACS approval.

  • Standard route.
  • Passport route (where NSI approval is combined with ACS)

Passport Route

NSI was the first Security Industry Authority Assessing Body that offered access to the Approved Contractor Scheme via the Passport route.

The Passport route (simultaneous NSI approval and ACS) offers qualifying companies an additional option for access to the ACS. NSI approved companies achieving this must meet an NSI Passport Specification, but will not be required to go through separate ACS assessments, thus benefiting from potential cost savings.

The Passport route is open to NSI Guarding Gold, Guarding Silver, Cash Services Gold  and Cash Services Silver approved companies providing services for Security Guarding, CCTV, Door Supervisors, Keyholding, Close Protection, and Cash and Valuables in Transit.

If you are are interested in becoming an SIA Approved Contractor through NSI's Passport Route, Please complete our ENQUIRY FORM.

Two Levels of Approval


NSI’s premier manned security scheme is designed for companies wishing to meet the industry’s highest standards by achieving business excellence through ISO 9001 Quality Management, as well as displaying technical expertise by meeting the appropriate British Standards.


NSI’s Silver approved companies are required to meet the same high level of technical competence as those required from the Gold scheme, however they are not required to subscribe to ISO 9001 Quality Management. Guarding Silver is designed as a stepping-stone towards Gold approval.

Please click on the link to the right if you wish to apply. When you have submitted this request, you will be able to download the application forms and information to view and print as required. If you have any questions, please call our Applications team on 01628 764885.

To apply for all Security Services approvals, please complete our ENQUIRY FORM

If you have any questions, please call the Applications team who will be happy to help on 01628 764885.