Revision of BS 5306-3:2017 – Fire Extinguishing Installations & Equipment on Premises

The revision took place as part of BSI’s routine five-yearly review to update the standard, ensuring alignment with the latest developments through the introduction of a number of changes   These changes include, but are not limited to:

Specific reference to information regarding Portable Fire Extinguishers is included in Fire Risk Assessments

  • Recognition of changes in relevant legislation
  • Greater clarification of procedures
  • Clarification of linkage to BS 5306-8
  • Inclusion of references to BS 5306-9

NSI is a BAFE licensed third party certification body and can offer organisations NSI approval and BAFE registration for BAFE scheme  SP101.  Read about the range of Fire approval schemes we offer.

Buyers of fire safety services can be assured when choosing an NSI company approved to the BAFE SP101 scheme ‘Competency of Portable Fire Extinguisher Organisations and Technicians’.

We have produced a Circular Letter and Technical Bulletin to help NSI approved companies understand the changes, these can be accessed via the Company Login area on our website.

NSI approved companies may purchase copies of this new standard via our online subscription service in the Company Login area.

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