Friday 25 September 2020

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Q: Can NSI conduct training courses at my premises?

A: All of our training courses are available in-house. We would recommend a cohort of no fewer than 10 and a maximum of 12 attendees.  Contact our Training Executive on T:01628 764831 who can advise and co-ordinate the session for you.
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Q: Who conducts the training courses?

A: NSI’s trainers are all experienced in their particular fields, many of which are auditors, so have a real wealth of knowledge and expertise.
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Q: Is there a time limit in which to complete the e-learning courses?

A: None whatsoever; one of the main benefits of the e-learning courses is that you can complete them at your own pace to fit around you and your commitments.
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Q:  How do the e-learning courses compare with the training courses at NSI Headquarters?

A: The e-learning courses are designed to provide all the relevant information to students. The technical course material is essentially the same as that provided in NSI Headquarters, however, what it does not have is the ability of the student to interact with the course tutor. The course held at NSI also includes background and other anecdotal information that helps the student to understand why the changes may have been introduced and what effect the changes may have on future installation design and operation.
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