Friday 25 September 2020

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NSI Code of Practice NCP 115 provides an industry benchmark to which Scaffolding Alarm Systems providers can now aspire and adhere to. The Scaffold alarms sector has previously been without any form of voluntary regulation or industry-specific standards prior to the introduction of the new NSI Code leaving the way open for poor standards of workmanship and malpractice.

NSI has developed Code of Practice (NCP 115) for the design, installation and maintenance of scaffolding alarm systems. Regardless of whether a building is domestic or commercial, vacant or occupied, NCP 115 provides the consumer with a reasurrance that security of their property, and the assets within, are given due and appropriate consideration during periods of renovation, maintenance and repair.

Scaffolding Alarm Systems is an additional scope to the NACOSS Gold and System Silver schemes, requiring companies to comply with NCP 115.

Gold or Silver – What is best for your business?

Scaffolding Alarm Systems is applicable to new companies who design, install or maintain Scaffoldolding Alarms. There are two levels of approval that are available.

NACOSS Gold Scheme

NSI’s premier scheme for electronic security systems:

NACOSS Gold, is designed for companies that meet the industry’s highest standards by achieving business excellence through ISO 9001 Quality Management, as well as displaying technical expertise by meeting the appropriate British and European Standards.

System Silver Scheme

NSI’s Systems Silver scheme is designed for smaller or new companies and can be a stepping-stone for those wishing to progress to NACOSS Gold.

Companies choosing to enrol in the Silver scheme will need to meet the required high level of technical competence but do not need to meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

For more information on the Code of Practice and how to apply please call our Applications team on 01628 764885.