Thursday 22 August 2019

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Approval Scheme for the Powered Gate Sector

NSI’s approval scheme has been developed for installers and maintainers of powered gates, barriers and gate automation equipment.  The approval scheme is based on the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) Code of Practice TS 011:2018 and has been launched in response to industry concerns over poor safety standards and tragic accidents caused by unsafe powered gates.

Our approval scheme is designed to reduce the safety risks associated with powered gates to as low as is reasonably practicable, giving confidence to buyers in the service providers they choose.

Prove to your clients you consistently meet high standards, verified by NSI’s team of specialist auditors.   Approval through an NSI scheme  reinforces the expertise and professionalism of your company.

Gold or Silver – What is best for your business?

NSI schemes provide approval opportunities for all sizes of companies.  If you take achieving high standards seriously, then NSI approval is right for you.

Gates Gold

NSI’s premier scheme for companies that install and maintain powered gates, barriers and gate automation equipment.

Gates Gold is designed for companies that meet the industry’s highest standards by achieving business excellence through ISO 9001 Quality Management, as well as demonstrating technical expertise by meeting the requirements laid down in the DHF Code of Practice, DHF TS 011: 2018

Gates Silver

NSI’s Gates Silver scheme is designed for smaller or newer companies installing and maintaining powered gates and can be a stepping-stone for those wishing to progress and aspire to ‘Gates Gold’.

Companies choosing to enrol in the Silver scheme will be required to meet the level of technical competence as stipulated in the Code of Practice, DHF TS 011:2018.  There is no requirement for Gates Silver approved companies to meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

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Download DHF Code of Practice TS 011:2018

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