Wednesday 28 October 2020

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Gold or Silver?

NSI has defined a 2 tier development model to encourage the improvement of standards as companies grow in size and expand their skills base into additional areas.  Companies can enter at either level.

Silver is designed for Product Certification and refers to the product or service certification against sector specific standards. For example BS7858 and BS8243.

Gold includes product Certification plus Quality Management System Certification
The combination of the Quality Management Systems and the relevant sector specific product or service represents the Gold standard of certification.  This level holds the greatest perceived value across industry and by the police, fire and rescue services and insurers.

To find out which is the appropriate level for your business, look at the criteria for each certification in Our Scheme.

How much will it cost?

The cost of certification varies according to the standard you are seeking approval for. For more details of how much it will cost for your business to gain approval, look for the standard under Our Schemes

Can I transfer from another certification body?

Yes, you can transfer to NSI from another certification body if you are looking for an alternative certification route

Contact Us

On a first look you may not find the solution applicable to your business.  This may be the case if your company offers a specialist security or fire solution. If this is the case, NSI are happy to discuss your requirements and understand your needs.

Whatever your certification needs, we can help.

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