Monday 21 September 2020

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/ Why Become NSI Approved

Gain and retain business

Certification through NSI can provide real benefit to your business’ bottom line. 80% of business in the sector is conducted by NSI approved companies, so it’s no surprise that NSI is recognised by specifiers, procurers and customers as the sector specialist certification body of choice.

Prove your credibility to your customers

NSI approval provides independent verification to customers and specifiers that yours is a trusted organisation operating in accordance with applicable industry standards and best practice. Our trusted brand helps re-enforce your business’ professionalism, reliability and integrity in the eyes of customers.

In choosing an NSI approved company, customers, procurers and specifiers alike have the peace of mind that they are appointing a contractor that has earned the badge.

Improve your business operations

NSI’s inspection process can help you identify areas of business where improvements could enhance your efficiency and customer delivery.

Single source of solutions

As customers become more demanding, fire and security companies are increasingly being asked to become certificated to more and more standards such as environmental management or health and safety.  NSI holds a wide range of certifications meaning all your audit requirements can be delivered through one certification body, saving you both money, time and resource.

Insurance benefits

Many insurers specify the use of NSI approved companies to carry out specific contracts.  Some brokers will provide discounted premiums for the NSI approved company itself.

National Police Chiefs’ Council Requirement

If your business installs monitored electronic security systems, NSI NACOSS Gold and Systems Silver approval ensures your customers are eligible for police response for their intruder alarms. NSI meets the requirements of the National Police Chiefs’ Council and Police Scotland.

Help meet fire regulation commitments

If your company designs, installs, commissions and maintains fire detection and alarm systems, fixed gaseous fire suppression systems or portable fire extinguishers, you can deliver value to your customers by helping them meet their Fire Regulatory requirements by proving they have used ‘competent persons’.

Technical support

We will provide you with up-to-date changes to applicable regulations and standards.  You will also have access to relevant training courses, often at discounted rates.  If you are opting for NSI NACOSS Gold approval, you will be eligible to attend, network and gain updates via your local regional forum network.


NSI is well positioned on web searches such as Google. By becoming NSI approved you will benefit from NSI marketing support as well as being listed in our directory on our website.  NSI is often quoted in the Press, so your business will also gain by association with our name.


Training through NSI ensures you receive the knowledge that is right for your business.  In addition to training at our Head Office, NSI runs regional courses when in demand and has developed an e-learning programme, giving your business the flexibility to update your knowledge at a time to suit you.


Our tiered approvals provide a choice of certifications to match your budget and capabilities. Whilst the real benefits of NSI encourage companies to opt for our ‘Gold’ standard, some companies find that the ‘Silver’ standard provides a solution more applicable to their individual circumstances and needs.