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'Security' describes broadly three distinct areas of activity:

  • Electronic Security Systems Installation
  • Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) and Monitoring Services
  • Security Guarding Services.

The division between these is now becoming increasingly blurred as converging technology and packaged solutions become more common. A more integrated approach is becoming the norm and NSI Approval can be held for one or more specific specialisms. To find a company with Approval covering the specialisms use in the NSI Approved Company Finder.

An NSI approved alarms installer offering maintenance/monitoring services will always utilize the services of an NSI approved ARC, so customers can be sure of NSI ‘oversight’ of both the installation services as well as ongoing monitoring services they buy. Police response to electronic security alarm activation requires certification to confirm compliance with the necessary statutes and policies in order to gain a police Unique Reference Number (URN).

As new requirements and capabilities emerge NSI develops capability to issue Approval to organisations delivering those services. For instance, Aviation Security was added to our portfolio in 2012. This ‘scope’ is included in the NSI Guarding Gold Certificate of Approval for companies suitably approved. It can be a ‘stand-alone’ Approval or one of many scopes according to a specific providers capabilities. Audits examine the application of the QMS (BS EN ISO 9001) to deliver the Department of Transport requirements of SCD No. 1/2013 and incorporate BS EN 16082 for the provision of Airport and Aviation Security Services.

Areas presently covered by NSI include the following. Some providers but not all operate in multiple areas. If you are not sure about the types of Approval held by a specific organisation check their credentials in the NSI Company Finder, or ask to see a copy of their Certificate of Approval:

Electronic Security

  • Monitoring and Receiving Centres
    • Alarm Receiving Centres
    • Remote Video Response Centres
    • Security Operations Centres
  • Intruder Alarms – for the home and business
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Lone Worker

Manned Security Services


  • NSI/ACS Passport Specification
  • Static site guarding and mobile patrol services including such services as Maritime and Port Security, Aviation Security and Rail Security Services
  • Keyholding and response services
  • Guarding, Cash & Specialist Services Scheme Approval Criteria
  • Lon Worker response services
  • Door Supervision Services
  • Event stewarding and crowd safety services
  • Security screening of individuals in a security environment
  • Provision of retail security services
  • Management and operation of closed circuit television (CCTV) schemes
  • Close protection
  • Investigative Services
  • Security Dogs
  • Customer Service
  • Provision of control room services
  • Low value cash collection services

Cash and Valuables in Transit

  • NSI/ACS Passport Specification
  • Security screening of individuals in a security environment
  • Secure transportation of cash and valuables including counting and processing, courier services, storage and vaulting, and transportation and distribution including ATM Services

Specialist Services

  • Lone Worker Device Services
  • Security screening services
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures
  • Real-time counter eavesdropping detection

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