New Certification Scheme for Public Space Surveillance Camera Systems

The Surveillance Camera Code of Practice has been developed to ensure cameras in public places are regulated and are only used in pursuit of a specified purpose.  The Code of Practice aims to balance the need for cameras with individuals’ rights to privacy, taking into account the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

The voluntary certification scheme will provide reassurance to local communities that public space CCTV systems are managed appropriately and the information gathered from them is used in an appropriate manner and in accordance with strict guidelines.

As a specialist certification body for the security and fire sectors, NSI will carry out independent verification checks against the Code of Practice and  provide a recommendation to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner regarding certification of the organisation’s CCTV scheme.

Graeme Hazlewood, NSI’s Director of Business Development: “We are delighted to have been selected to provide the certification service for organisations operating public space camera surveillance systems.   People are increasingly aware these days about surveillance and rights to privacy and this new voluntary certification scheme will enable operators to demonstrate they take their legal obligations seriously and provide reassurance for their local communities”.

More Information

Download the Code of Practice and associated documentation from

Read more about the Certification Scheme


Local authorities and organisations interested in finding out about the certification scheme and process can find out more from Michelle Dennehy, NSI Senior Applications Advisor E: T: 01628 764855.




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