Wednesday 28 October 2020

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It is frustrating for NSI approved companies and the public at large, that there are companies in the UK who choose to advertise themselves as being approved by NSI, or imply that they are, when in fact this is not the case. In some instances, they use the NSI logo on their websites, vehicles, shop windows and paperwork etc, which misleads potential customers into believing they are approved by NSI.

Please be assured we investigate these issues and will publish names of companies who do not co-operate promptly to NSI requests to stop their misleading activities.

Logo - Screen - Gold - ColourOnly NSLogo - Print - NSI Silver - ColourI approved companies are entitled to display the NSI Gold or Silver logo depending on their NSI certification.  NSI approved companies can be found by searching our Directory of NSI Approved Companies.

The companies listed below are falsely using the NSI logo or claiming to be approved by other means :


Name of Business  Location Nature of Complaint


The companies listed will be removed from this page once the issues reported have been resolved to NSI’s full satisfaction.

If you believe that a company is NOT approved by NSI, but is misleading the public and you have tangible evidence please let us know. Please bear in mind we are unable to investigate complaints without supporting evidence.

If you wish to make a complaint about misuse of the NSI logo please email or call T: 01628 764886

For complaints of a technical nature, please visit our customer care page