Monday 1 June 2020

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Why do I need a Scaffold Alarm?

With scaffolding erected, your property could be vulnerable in areas you may not always consider. Your insurer always requires you to mitigate your risk and a scaffold alarm demonstrates this.

Should I let my insurers know that I am having scaffolding erected?

Yes, you should always contact your insurer to make them aware. You should include when it will be erected, where on your property it is and how long it will be there for.

What happens if my alarm goes off?

Generally the alarms are pre set and sound for three minutes in the event of activation, after this time they reset and would repeat the procedure three times before shutting down. The systems can contact you directly or straight through to our third party or partners Alarm Receiving Centre.

Where on the scaffold should be alarmed?

As a minimum requirement the NCP 115 code stipulates that the entire first level of scaffolding is fully supervised by detectors, this includes the ends of the scaffolding. However depending on the size, shape and other factors including flat roof, neighbours high walls etc additional detectors maybe required for complete perimeter protection.