Wednesday 28 October 2020

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Your insurance company may insist you have an intruder alarm installed in your property. This will depend on the risk level of your property as well as the insurance company’s policy. Your insurer may also insist that it is installed and regularly maintained by a NSI NACOSS Gold or Systems Silver approved company.

You should also check what type of alarm system is required such as a monitored or sounder only (bells only) alarm. A monitored alarm is more likely to be required for higher risk properties.

When applying for insurance or in the event of a claim following a burglary, your insurer may ask for proof that an alarm has been installed in line with their requirements.

If your alarm is installed by a NSI approved company, you will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance which should be presented to the insurer as required.

Please also ensure you set your alarm when your home is unoccupied - otherwise you might invalidate your insurance cover if a burglary occurs.

Insurance Premium Discounts

You may be entitled to receive a discount if your intruder alarm meets your insurer's requirements.

Check with your insurance company when you apply for or renew a policy to avoid losing out. If you are using an insurance broker to arrange your insurance, make sure they check this for you.