Wednesday 28 October 2020

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/ Burgler Alarm Types

Visible burglar alarms make intruders think twice. They not only act as a deterrent, but will also provide a warning that an intrusion is taking place.

However ‘bells-only’ alarms will not give you an automatic police response; they will only act if an unlawful entry has been reported by a 999 call.

Those alarms connected to a monitoring service are the best. Opting for a remotely monitored alarm, where activation signals are sent to a monitoring centre ensures the police are contacted on your behalf in the event of a confirmed signal.

Signals are filtered for false activations avoiding the risk of losing police response to your alarm.

Other electronic security systems include CCTV and access control.

You can ask the Crime Reduction Officer at your local police station for advice before you buy a system. Choosing a burglar alarm or security system for your home is one thing.

However, if you want it to be effective and meet the requirements set out by the police and your insurer, it's important to have it installed and maintained in accordance with the required standards by a professional company such as those approved by NSI.