Saturday 4 July 2020

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Guard your premises with fully security-vetted personnel.

Guard your premises with fully security-vetted, professional and trustworthy security officers. Insist that your manned security services contractor is NSI approved.

NSI offers an extensive range of inspection schemes for providers of manned security and associated guarding services with its Guarding Gold and Silver schemes.

A number of schemes are available to suit security service contractors at different phases of their development. These incorporate the requirements of the relevant British Standards and industry specific Codes of Practice within the following activities:

  • security guarding services and specialised security services
  • keyholding and response services
  • information security
  • security screening
  • immigration detention centres
  • private prisons, remand homes, prison escort and court services
  • door supervision
  • event stewarding and crowd safety
  • management and operation of CCTV monitoring
  • close protection
  • covert investigation and surveillance services
  • technical surveillance counter measures

Here are some key pointers you may wish to check when considering a company to provide your manned security…

  • have you been shown details of the company’s structure, principals and ultimate ownership?
  • are two years audited trading accounts and evidence of sound financial backing available?
  • is the company adequately insured?
  • is a satisfactory written contract agreed and signed by you?
  • does the company have a secure administrative office?

Staff Selection and Vetting

  • does the company conduct a minimum of 5 years retrospective vetting?
  • are all previous employers for the last 5 years contacted?
  • are all gaps in employment accounted for?
  • is the vetting process documented and recorded?
  • is a senior member of staff responsible to ensure this is all carried out?


  • does the company have a qualified trainer?
  • does each security officer receive basic job training before on-site deployment?
  • are employee training records kept?
  • do any security officers have a recognised security qualification?

Terms & Conditions

  • do staff receive an adequate level of pay?
  • do staff receive holiday entitlement?
  • do staff receive sick pay?
  • are you satisfied staff do not work excessive hours?

Management and Supervision

  • does the company operate a secure, efficient and well-managed Control Room?
  • does it comply with building & fire regulations?
  • is remote supervision operated through check calls?
  • are records kept to check the running of sites?
  • has a competent person conducted a site survey and issued a written report, including health, safety and risk assessment prior to providing the service?
  • will you approve and sign a copy of the Assignment Instructions for your site?
  • is there a system of proper supervision and management for nights and weekends?
  • are incidents notified to senior management?

Quality Standards

  • can the company certify it complies with the codes of practice for the security industry?
  • is the company certified to ISO9001?
  • is the inspecting body accredited by UKAS?

It is illegal to work as an operative in a designated security sector without a front-line SIA licence. It also an offence for security company managers and directors to operate without an SIA licence or to provide unlicenced operatives.

To ensure that any security officer employed by a security services company that is working on your premises is licensed, choose only NSI approved companies for security guarding services.

To ensure you receive the best professional service, NSI rigorously checks all of the above criteria.