Friday 18 January 2019

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/ NSI working with Facewatch to transform CCTV reporting

As recently announced in the press, NSI and Facewatch have entered into a joint working agreement that will help transform the use of CCTV by enabling it to play an active role in the digital world of online reporting.

Until now CCTV has been a poor relation to the forensic approach taken by the police in the use of fingerprints and DNA mainly because of the physical difficulties surrounding the collection, analysis and storage of CCTV footage.  Furthermore, CCTV is often of poor quality and in a format that cannot be viewed by the police without special software – many cases fail in court due to basic issues such as DVD’s not playing or disks getting lost.

The working agreement seeks to address these weaknesses and NSI’s approved companies can be at the forefront of this transformation and ensure that they are fully ready to take advantage of the business opportunities that it brings.

To this end, NSI is adding a Facewatch training module and encourages all certified CCTV installers to take this module so that they in turn can encourage clients to use Facewatch to its fullest capacity.

Jeff Little, Chief Executive NSI 

“NSI is delighted to be working with Facewatch to ensure that this new and innovative crime reduction and reporting system is managed, delivered and fully exploited.  The new NSI training and e-learning suite for Facewatch will be the catalyst which ensures that companies will be able to provide a system to their customers that will result in lower crime levels and will also help to improve the quality of CCTV evidence provided to the police services.”

What is Facewatch?

Facewatch is an online crime reporting and information sharing system which allows businesses to report incidents to the police with moving CCTV footage of the incident, automatic paperless witness statements and images of suspects.  It provides victims with an instant Facewatch crime reference which is valid for insurance and the ability to cancel credit cards immediately free of charge.

By putting all information online in a national database Facewatch enables groups (BCRP’s, Shopwatches, pubwatches etc) to work together effectively and share images of suspects and intelligence so that crime can be prevented.  As all the data is in a single database, technologies such as facial recognition can be used to link multiple crimes to suspects and travelling gangs.

Facewatch is a strategic partner with Crimestoppers and works closely with the police.  So far 9 of the UK’s largest police forces are signed up to Facewatch with many more in the pipeline.  The NSI board will be working with Facewatch to encourage UK wide police sign up over the coming 12 months.

The only requirements for using Facewatch are that the client has a computer with access to the internet and can view their CCTV through the computer.  Other than that there is no software to install or wiring to change – it works with every make of CCTV system in the world and it makes no difference if your client has analogue or digital cameras.