Tuesday 13 November 2018

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NSI NACOSS Gold Approval includes certification for Product and QMS BS EN ISO 9001.

You will find all the information on this page that is required to submit your NACOSS Gold application to NSI. All the NSI forms you need to complete can be downloaded. To avoid unnecessary delays, please be ready to meet the NACOSS Gold scheme requirements when submitting an application. If you would like further advice regarding approval, please call the NSI Applications team on 01628 764838 .

Come and meet the team and attend our Application Workshop in Maidenhead! The Workshop is designed to guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have. Please contact the Applications team on 01628 764838 for details.

1. Regulations and Approval Criteria

Please read before completing your application.

2. NSI Codes of Practice

  • NACP 2 – NACOSS Gold and ARC Gold Customer Communication
  • NACP 11 – Supplementary Code of Practice for the Planning, Installation & Maintenance of Intruder Alarms
  • NCP 104 (Issue 2) – Code of Practice for the Design, Installation & Maintenance of CCTV (applicable with BS EN 50132-7:1996)
  • NCP 104 (Issue 3) – Code of Practice for the Design, Installation & Maintenance of CCTV (applicable with BS EN 62676-4:2015)
  • NCP 109 – Code of Practice for the Design, Installation & Maintenance of Access Control Systems
  • NCP 115 – Code of Practice for the Design, Installation & Maintenance of Scaffolding Alarm Systems

3. Technical Standards

4. Forms

4.1 Application form

(Please complete both forms.  Please mark clearly on the forms if you wish to apply for Scaffolding Alarm Systems.)


4.2 Personal Data Forms - (NSF 450)

Personal Data Forms are required for Directors, Partners, and Shareholders (with 10% or more of the shares).

Note 1 - If your company is Stock Exchange listed (or is a subsidiary of a Stock Exchange listed company), ask the NSI office for details of which individuals need to fill in these forms Note 2 - Evidence of security screening for all staff and sub-contractors working in electronic security will be required by the time of the initial audit.

4.3 Competency Form

Senior Qualifying Managers and Qualifying Managers should submit an Electronic Security Competency Form.

Competency Form

4.4 Quality Systems Documentation

It is a requirement of the NACOSS Gold scheme to document your processes and procedures in line with BS EN ISO 9001.

Please incorporate the NACOSS Gold Quality Schedule SSQS 101-8 into your Quality Management System.

4.5 Application Fee

Please call The NSI Applications Team on 01628 764838 for a quotation.

5. What's Next?

  • To request a no-obligation quotation, please contact the Applications team on 01628 764838.
  • Complete the Application form, Annex and Personal Data Form(s)
  • Email your documentation to applications@nsi.org.uk

On receipt, NSI will conduct an initial review of your documentation and on meeting the scheme criteria will send you an invoice requesting your initial application fee.

The Operations team will then complete due diligence and technical reviews to enable the application to progress and will arrange initial audit visits.