/ NACOSS Gold – How to Apply


NACOSS Gold Approval includes certification for Product and QMS BS EN ISO 9001.

1. Guidance

Thank you for enquiring about the NACOSS Gold Scheme.  Below you should find all of the scheme criteria which your organisation will need to meet in order to gain approval, and the forms you will require in order to apply.

Initial Certification audits are usually booked 3 months following application being completed. However, sometimes audits can be done at an earlier time subject to NSI’s auditor availability and your organisations readiness for audit. You should make your application at such a time as you are very confident that the organisation will be able to demonstrate that it is meeting the criteria and requirements at the time of audit.

Please feel free to get in touch with the applications team by phone or email if you need to discuss your application. T: 01628 764885 or E: applications@nsi.org.uk. Alternatively, come and meet the team and attend our Application Workshop in Maidenhead. The Workshop is designed to guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have. Please contact the applications team for details.

Please see a summary flow chart of the Application Process.

2. Approval Criteria, Standards, NSI Regulations and Quality Schedule

3. Application Documentation – Please complete and submit

Please send your application forms  and additional documentation by e-mail to applications@nsi.org.uk.

  • Application Form
  • NACOSS Gold Approval Annex A
  • A Personal Data Form  must be supplied for Directors, Partners, and Shareholders (with 10% or more of the shares). Personal Data form
  • An Electronic Security Competency form must be supplied for all Senior Qualifying Managers and Qualifying Managers. Competence form
  • For start-up companies: A two year projected business plan is required to include a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. To help you, click here for a model Projected Business Plan and Notes.
  • For companies trading between one and two years: Please provide one year’s statutory accounts and one year’s projected business plan to include Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. To help you, click here for a model Projected Business Plan and Notes.
  • For companies trading for two years or more: Sole traders and partnerships should send two years’ statutory accounts to include Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. Limited companies trading for two years or more may be required to provide additional information.