Monday 21 September 2020

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National Security Inspectorate (NSI) maintains a register of approved companies working in the security and fire safety sectors. These companies undergo regular audits to confirm their compliance with recognised codes of practice, as well as international and British Standards.

NSI work closely with UK Government bodies and other agencies such as the Security Industry Authority and is one of the UK’s key specialist certification bodies, auditing and providing certification to the industries’ small and medium sized enterprises, as well as major global providers operating in the UK.

Any organisation seeking to hold a Certificate of Approval from NSI can apply. For more information on joining the register of 1,800 approved companies, contact our Applications team on 01628 764854 or email

NSI also provides auditing services for other bodies and trade associations with similar requirements to those of the fire and security industries, including BAFE, DHF and the Irish Security Industry Association.

To find out more about our Contract Auditing service please call Max Linnemann, Head of Certification Services on 01628 764863 or email:

Third Party Certification

NSI certification is a sign that companies in the security and fire sectors have taken their commitment to quality one step further.

These companies voluntarily invite NSI to verify that their products or services comply with industry standards, giving their customers complete confidence in their service.

Adherence to standards is often specified in contract documents and invitations to tender as a fundamental requirement for success.  Third-party certification offers an informed external view of your organisation’s ability to satisfy your customers’ requirements as you continually strive for improvement.

Our mission:

‘To provide robust, customer focused certification in order to raise standards.’

We aim to be the ultimate reassurance in fire, security and related facilities management approval.