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/ Security Industry Authority to introduce New Licensing System in July

07 June 2016

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) intend to introduce a new online licensing system in July 2016 to "improve the service and information provided to licence holders and security businesses." The SIA are keen to point out there will be a period of up to ten days immediately prior to the launch when they will not be able to accept licence applications, including renewals.

The SIA states the ten day cessation period prior to the launch of the new licensing system is essential to process applications already in progress, prior to switching it off and to transfer the large amount of data held in their existing system, to the new one.

Organisations with Approved Contractor status should be aware that if they use officers whose licenses will be coming up for renewal in July, the 10 day cessation may have an impact on their business.

As yet, no specific date in July has been announced by the SIA, but organisations are advised to keep an eye on SIA updates:

Go to the Changes page on the SIA website

View the SIA guidance videos on the new process

Sign up to receive updates from the SIA

NSI will provide further information when available and organisations who have Approved Contractor status via NSI are invited to talk to their NSI Auditor if they have any questions.



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