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03 June 2016

A number of NSI approved companies have asked about the UK's participation in standards at the European level and how this might be affected by the European Referendum and the decision about UK membership of the European Union (EU).

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published a useful document on the UK involvement in European standards, titled “European Standards and the UK“. 


The BSI document poses a number of questions about standards and the European Single Market and seeks to answer these questions with factual information.  The document includes information about standards development work at both International level (ISO and IEC) and at European level (CEN and CENELEC).


Section 5 of the BSI document asks about the impact of a possible UK exit from the EU in terms of UK participation in the European standardization system.


BSI states that no judgement is made, or should be inferred, from the information they have provided over the merits or demerits of UK membership of the EU.



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