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Thursday 22 February 2018

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/ NSI issues Fire Safety Update on Operation of Fire Protection Measures

20 August 2015

NSI has issued a Circular Letter this week to provide assistance to its approved companies involved in the installation of fire safety equipment.

The latest NSI Circular Letter relates to the publication of BS 7273-4:2015 – Code of Practice for the Operation of Fire Protection Measures – Part 4: Actuation of Release Mechanisms for Doors.

BS 7273-4:2015 is a full revision of the previous standard and gives recommendations for the interfacing of fire detection and fire alarm systems to devices that:

a) hold open self-closing fire-resisting doors (e.g. electromagnetic and acoustically and/or radio-actuated, hold-open devices)

b) secure doors on means of escape (e.g. electromagnetically held locking devices and solenoid-operated locks)

c) operate powered sliding doors on means of escape, which might be required to open permanently on operation of the fire detection and fire alarm system

With effect from 1st October 2015 systems must, where applicable be designed to comply with the recommendations of BS 7273-4:2015 and NSI auditors will audit systems against the recommendations of this standard, BS 5839-1:2013 and other applicable standards.

NSI Fire Gold and Fire Silver approved companies and applicants are advised to access the Company Login area of this website and their relevant Circular Letters pages to find out more.