Tuesday 25 July 2017

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Are staff adequately vetted?

NSI screens the key personnel of all our approved companies.  In return, all NSI companies are required to carry out vetting to the British Standard BS7858, Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment.

Are they financially viable and have suitable insurances?

NSI checks company’s finances and insurances on application and throughout their approval.

Are the business managers/owners of repute and good standing?

NSI checks the structure of an approved company’s ownership on application and requires details of changes of ownership.

Does the company operate from suitable and secure premises?

NSI audits ensure that the approved company operates from appropriate premises that are fit for purpose.

Is there sufficient cover/support?

NSI audits cover the approved company’s ability to provide support.

Does the company have an appropriate means of dealing with complaints?

NSI companies are required to demonstrate a suitable procedure for dealing with complaints

Does the company operate to industry best practice?

NSI approval means that our companies have demonstrated that they comply to appropriate industry standards and codes of practice for the ‘scope’ of their approval*